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Post by gubihe » Mon Apr 09, 2018 4:48 pm

Q: What I have to put in File -> Preferences?
A: "IP-Address": tibia64.eslayer.pl, "Portnumber": 7200. Good option is also to check "Text console"

Q: How to login to my character?
A: In "Character Name" write name of your character and in "Account Password" password for your account on tibia64.eslayer.pl. All characters within one account have the same password.

Q: I have typed correct data and still can't log in to the game, why?
A: Try restarting your client, if it won't help write thread here or message us on Discord

Q: I can't move diagonally by click or using numeric pad, how can I pass obstacles?
A: If it's possible try to drag&drop your character by one field diagonally, just like you will move item on the ground.

Q: My rope is not working, how can I escape from cave?
A: Use "exani tera" spell.

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